Gracia's Celebration of Life Events (6 total)








                     Citywide Events  LOCATIONS:  


(*Note: Citywide Community Events are opened to the public and media throughout the entire week. Note, there are six separate locations.)


  1. Chicano Park Celebration of Life March                                                                        Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 10am                                                                                   March starts at Chicano Park and ends at the Logan Heights Branch Library           1900 Logan Avenue                                                                                                                                  **Services are planned at the Logan Heights Branch Library at 11:30am                            Contact: Elsa Sevilla,                                                                                                         

2.    San Diego State University   Monday, Aug. 26th,  2019 at 2:30pm – 4:00pm

       Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center

       Address on Aztec Walk at: 5250 55thStreet, San Diego, CA, 92182                                           

       Contact: Lynn Hawkes, Special Projects, SDSU Library,


3.    San Diego Mesa College   

       Tuesday, Aug. 27th, 2019 at 6:30pm                                                                               

       The Gracia Molina de Pick Glass Gallery (Near the G Building) 

       7250 Mesa College Dr, SD, CA 92111,

        Parking lots 8, 9 and 10 for public parking                                        

       Contact: Prof. Manuel Velez, Chicano Studies Department,


4.    Centro Cultural de la Raza          Wednesday, Aug. 28that at 12:30pm

       2004 Park Blvd, SD, CA 9210

       Contact: Tommy Valentino,


5.    Thurgood Marshall College, UCSD    Thursday, Aug. 29th at 5:30pm

       Chicano Legacy Mural (In front of Peterson Hall) 

       9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093

       *Parking: Guests should park at the Pangea Parking Structure (located on

       Scholars Drive North) where a parking attendant will be available with

       permits and to help direct to the service location.

       Contact: Provost Leslie Carver

       Contact: Marshall College Operations Specialist,      



6.    Women’s Museum of California        Friday, Aug. 30th at 5pm

        2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16 

        San Diego, CA 92106

        Contact: Ashley Gardner,

       *The Women’s Museum is dedicating their Suffragette Parade to Gracia Molina Enriquez

       de Pick. The Women's Museum Suffragette Parade is Tuesday, August 27th, at 5 :00pm.

       The parade starts at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion.



*There is a designated spokesperson at each location. We ask that the family’s privacy be respected.

Video & VNR are available via link. 

Media Public Relations, POC: Elsa Sevilla, Sevilla Productions  

Cell: 619-977-5940     email: